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The 5 P`s of success: People, people, people, people and people.

No matter if we talk about life, business or both – we strongly believe that PEOPLE are making the biggest difference. And this applies especially for success in the social web: People as decision makers: It takes somebody to take the decision that it is time to move forward, open up and allocate the resources […]

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A very inspirational appearance of Robin Sharma – the Paolo Coelho of leadership skills

“Think of yourself as an artist when you go to work every day” ~ Robin Sharma – speaker, author and trainer on leadership skills. If you want to get to know him – start with this book “The monk who sold his Ferrari”. He is a very gifted person who gets leadership skills across by […]

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Translation of the latest Marketing Week article about the Online Marketing Conference 2011 in Athens

Human-centered Marketing: Last in terms of time but first in terms of the evaluation of the audience was the presentation of Eleftherios Hatziioannou – former Social Media Manager of Mercedes-Benz. The Greek-German speaker made it clear: We are human beings after all. And this will never change. What has changed is that marketing and communication […]

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