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Make sure to stay connected in a disconnected world. 6 things to keep in mind while using social technologies!

This post was inspired by a lady who reached out to us today all the way from New York. She send a message to share her thoughs and summed up what Peopleizers stands for to her. This is what she said: “…technology and people have crossed and these changing dynamics are exponential. We can forget […]

The car that was never sold...

The salesman, the billionaire and the car that was never sold…

I have written about the importance of differentiating when talking about numbers as core metrics for success in the social web. Of course numbers are important (sometimes even beautiful), however we need to look deeper before we make conclusions. Because sometimes things are not as they seem. This leads me to a inspiring story I want […]

Translation of the latest Marketing Week article about the Online Marketing Conference 2011 in Athens

Human-centered Marketing: Last in terms of time but first in terms of the evaluation of the audience was the presentation of Eleftherios Hatziioannou – former Social Media Manager of Mercedes-Benz. The Greek-German speaker made it clear: We are human beings after all. And this will never change. What has changed is that marketing and communication […]

Winning in Social Media by understanding basic human needs – why Abraham Maslow knew that Facebook will be a success.

Technologies change, our basic human needs don`t or like Peter Economides coined it lately at a conference in Cyprus: “Everything has changed. Nothing has changed.” Yes, we are living in a fast changing world. Every day there is a new hot startup or product which facilitates or sometimes complicates our lives. The same counts for […]