Eleftherios Hatziioannou speaking at Boussias Online Marketing Conference. (Part 5)

Eleftherios has spoken recently at the Online Marketing Conference 2011 in Athens. This is Part 5 of his presentation with the title: Peopleize – How to succeed in Social Media by serving basic human needs

Not a day passes by without using or at least hearing about them: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube have become part of our daily routines. Not only the recent IPO of Linkedin and rumors about an IPO of

Facebook at an incredibly high evaluation next year prove how hot this topic is at the moment. Social Media have conquered our lives. But how can we move forward as business and brands?

Eleftherios believes that in order to succeed in Social Media we need to go back to basics. We need to understand human psychology and needs first. In his presentation he talks about what has changed,

how you can use the Social Web for your purposes and he also shares his lessons learned as Social Media Manager, old school marketer and last but not least as a Human Being.

His conclusion is that the “humanization of businesses and brands” is the key to success.

View the slides on slideshare.net.

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