Our view of a successful business today: a balance between People, Technology, Life and Business!

If you look at the graphic above you will see our simplified view of the (business) world. We believe that these four aspects (people, technology, life and business) play a significant role in a successful business today. The only challenge is to find the right balance between the overlapping circles. Why?

We believe that that people are the most valuable asset in successful businesses and that`s why we have listed them in the top circle. It takes a passionate and inspired team to create great products and and to give a great service. It starts in the leadership of your company and ends with the little guys behind the scenes doing the hard work day by day. Do not expect from a poorly treated employee that he/she will walk the extra mile for you. And it is necessary to to go beyond a job description and the 9 to 5 mentality – at least if you want to exceed the expecations of today´s demanding consumers. You should also take a look at “From Wall Street to Love Street”.

It`s also indispensible to consider the use of technology. Technology should be used as a tool which empowers people to do great work and as a means to solve problems and add value. In our highly advanced and digitized world every business needs to take a closer look at how technology could help improve collaboration, create higher efficiency in their value chain or deliver a better customer experience overall. We are all lucky enough to live in times when technology is easily accessible to everyone. And it`s something you need to evaluate over and over again – if you want to build something to last. Also check “The Sweet Spot – Why it takes technology and people to succeed in social media”.

Looking at the business side it is important to understand that financial performance and profits are the main reason why businesses are created. Of course you must see some sort of a ROI (return of investments) at the end of the day. However, such rational aspects alone will not be enough to satisfy your customers and to keep your team happy. Successful businesses have a servant mentality and respect the true nature of life which goes beyond the pricing and features of their products. Remember: Life is not about “work” only and consumer don`t buy because of rational aspects only.

With life we mean humanity, human nature, needs and motivation. Behind every leader, employee and customer there is a human being with his/her own pursuit of happiness in life. Successful businesses respect human beings – both as customers and employees – and create a framework which allows them to live a better life, grow and to do what they`re passionate about.

If you look at the centre of this graphic you will see the “Peopleizers icon”. This “P” could also stand for “Purpose”. Because we are convinced that purpose is what creates a balance between the different aspects of a successful business today. You need to have a purpose which inspires your team and makes them feel part of something bigger, which creates a context for your products and fulfills your customer`s expectation also on a more emotional level, which balances the interests of your business with the interest of the community around your business. Simon Sinek has provided a great model for this with his “Golden Circle”. We highly recommend his book “Start with WHY – How great leaders inspire everyone”.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself on a regular basis:

  1. Do you have a people -centric culture in your company/team/ organization? Do you treat your people well? What would they answer if we asked them about it? Do you attract the best talent in your industry? Do you help people in their pursuit of happiness?
  2. Could technology make some of your business processes more efficient? Could you serve your clients in a better way by applying new technology solutions? Does your collaboration model still match the expectations of your team? Does your team have all tools they need to thrive? Is your organization set up for the digital world?
  3. What`s the culture of your business? What is your highest priority (profits vs. people)? Do you create a work-life-balance for your staff? Do you empower people to live a better life? Do you enable personal growth?
  4. Why do you do what you do? What`s your purpose? Is it clear to everyone what you stand for? Have you defined your WHY?

Peopleizers is highly interested in this intersection of people, technology, life and business and we would be more than happy to look at your organization and discuss opportunities and challenges in your current set up and culture. We are waiting to hear from you!  Simple drop us a line: Go to Contact.

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