What have “ugly” socks to do with social media? A conversation with Ted Rubin about Return on Relationships

Sometimes life itself produces the best stories. You read a book of a fellow change agent, you like it, you spread the word about it and end up meeting the author himself at a conference just a few weeks later. Return on Relationships is a concept coined by Ted Rubin – a colleague whom I respect a lot. He’s Chief Social Marketing Officer at Collective Bias and co-author of the ‘Return on Relationships’ book (#RoR) – a great read for everyone who wants to understand the dynamics of today’s marketplace and social marketing. It’s a nice little book which hits the nail on its head. The kind of book I like the most. Not too much blabla, it’s entertaining and carries tons of great advice – no matter if you’re a PRO or beginner in social marketing.

Watch this informative and entertaining interview of Ted Rubin conducted by Lefti at SXSW 2013 to learn:

  • What socks have to do with social media success,
  • why it’s the little things that make a BIG difference,
  • how to look people in the eye in the digital space,
  • what muscle tissue has in common with relationships,
  • why listening has become an integral part of modern communications,
  • what builds real brand buzz,
  • what brands are afraid of in today’s social media driven marketplace,
  • why Apple has a strong social presence without being active in social networks,
  • what Jetblue and Citibank do right,
  • why RoR creates RoI
  • and so much more.



It’s been a great pleasure to meet the Collective Bias team at SXSW. They do an incredible job by connecting brands with influencers and spreading great content. Of course we’re sending out a huge THANK YOU to Ted who made time to share his knowledge with us.

Just in case you’re interested in how this whole story started. I’ve posted the following picture on Facebook and Instagram and tagged Ted in it. This is a screenshot of the original conversation:

PS: Your socks are not ugly, Ted. Just kidding. They are pretty awesome like you!;)

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